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Based in the West Midlands, in the heart of the UK front-end and back-end web developer. I am passionate about building user-friendly and functional websites, whether it's a small local business website or a large e-commerce store.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pele

I currently work full time for a local agency as Lead Web Developer, managing a small team of in-house and external developers. My duties involve client facing, taking briefs and deciding on best platforms to meet client needs within their available budget. I finished my MSc studies in Advanced Web Technologies course in September 2015, this helped me to broaden my skill set as well as to explore new opportunities in the industry. I love travelling, enjoy visiting places I have never been to and meeting new people, while getting to know different cultures and traditions.

I am a great believer in what I do, passionate individual who likes to constantly gain new knowledge and improve on current skillset. I am a self-taught developer with large portfolio of quality work under my belt.


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Programming is one of the fields where experience matters and in order to become a better coder, it is important to code more and constantly improve my skills. I often look at solutions other developers have done which helps me to see the code from different point of view and improve my skills.

  • 90%

    HTML5 / CSS3

    6 years of experience building websites, using the latest HTML5 markup language, SASS/LESS CSS extension languages with responsive design in mind.

  • 70%


    I have been using JavaScript for the past 4 years, constantly learning new areas and improving my knowledge - currently learning AngularJS.

  • 90%

    WordPress / Magento / Opencart

    WordPress is my favourite platform, I can almost literally make it dance if you want me to, adding Magento alongside it brings both fantastic content and shop management systems.

  • 80%

    PHP / Object Oriented Programming / Objective-C

    Having studied OOP at the university and using PHP as part of my commercial experience, I can come up with great solutions to any programming issues.


I am a great team player, having worked on projects alongside other developers and designers - communication is a great part of this process, being effective, honest and positive minded person.

  • Excellent communication

  • Personal integrity

  • Positive work ethic

  • Reliability

  • Flexibility

  • Team oriented